Teeth Whitening

A Whiter, Brighter Smile for Life

At Complete Smiles Vermont South we always want you feeling your most vibrant and confident, that’s why we have developed a whitening program for life.

For our valued patients who follow their active 6-monthly hygiene maintenance program, we provide them with complimentary whitening for life at their recall appointments.

Who doesn’t want brighter, whiter teeth?

Whether your teeth are stained from smoking, coffee, age, wine, or are naturally yellower in colour, Complete Smiles Vermont South will help you achieve the whiter smile you desire.

With an array of options out there now-days, you need to know that the highest-quality, simplest, quickest and safest outcomes are achieved by your dentist.

At Complete Smiles, we have your best interest at heart, so it’s imperative to appreciate that before any cosmetic procedure, a sound foundation of clean, healthy teeth needs to be established. This is achieved through a thorough examination and our hygiene maintenance program.

What are the benefits of having whiter teeth?

  • A smile that shines
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Enhanced professional appearance
  • Safe and generally sensitivity-free
  • Long-lasting and can be touched up
  • A beautiful, brighter, whiter smile could be achieved in a single visit

What are the different types of whitening techniques?

In-chair whitening procedure

Hydrogen peroxide-containing gel is activated by an intense LED light to whiten your teeth in less than 90 minutes.

Some of the advantages of in-chair whitening include

  • Walk out with brighter, whiter teeth in a single appointment
  • Safe, gums are protected with a special covering
  • Longer-lasting and less fadeback

Products, such as Tooth Mousse and Desensitising toothpaste are available at Complete Smiles in Vermont South, to assist with any post-operative sensitivity.

Home tray whitening

A custom made tray that fits securely around your teeth, is used to keep the whitening gel in contact with your teeth.

It is often applied for 15-30 minutes/day or over-night if no sensitivity is encountered, for a period of about 14 days.

It often results in less post-operative sensitivity in comparison to in-chair whitening. However, results are not achieved immediately.

Clear instructions are given to you by the team at Complete Smiles to ensure the safety of use.

A great option for those who would like to take it slow and steady in the privacy of their own home.

What are the benefits of having a professional dentist perform your whitening procedure?

  • Dentists use products that are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Act.
  • Products used are often more effective and stronger in concentration.
  • Performed by a professional, in a controlled sterile environment.
  • Products are available at Complete Smiles to help ease any temporary sensitivity that may be encountered.
  • Less time is needed for you to achieve the whiter teeth you desire.

Whether you have been considering teeth whitening for a special occasion or for an all-round more vibrant brighter smile every day, call us at Complete Smiles Vermont South today to achieve the best results in teeth whitening.

Complete Smiles in Vermont South. Brighten Your Smile Today.