QIP Accreditation

As a dental practice dedicated to constant improvement, we take great pride in our QIP accreditation. We continuously strive to enhance both the patient experience and the quality of our dental care services.

QIP accreditation At Complete Smiles

What is QIP?

To ensure Private Dental Practice Accreditation is reflective of and responsive to the needs of the dental profession, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) has worked collaboratively and exclusively with QIP to develop the Private Dental Practice Accreditation Program (the program).

As a voluntary, profession-led program, Private Dental Practice Accreditation aims to promote continuous quality improvement, implementation of best practice systems and processes, and reductions to clinical and business risk, while enhancing consumer confidence. This process also supports teams to build a culture of quality, educating and engaging staff in enhancing day-to-day operations, provides an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

The program is assessed against the six National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards, applicable to dentistry. The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) has confirmed that the accreditation program for private dental practices will not transfer to the NSQHS Standards (second edition) in January 2019, and will continue to be assessed against the NSQHS Standards (first edition).

Private Dental Practice Accreditation reassures patients and consumers that dental practices are adhering to industry regulations and guidelines and they are committed to quality improvement, patient safety and quality care.

QIP clients receive unlimited and complimentary accreditation support as part of their accreditation benefits.

Accredited dental practices establish a competitive advantage over non-accredited dental practices by promoting the quality and safety of services to patients and the local community.

Benefits of QIP Accreditation for our patients

As a patient at Complete Smiles, you’re assured of receiving top-tier dental care. Our QIP Accreditation ensures that all our staff are well-versed in dental systems implementation and process improvement. Furthermore, our team is deeply involved in these initiatives and continuously evolves their skills.

As our valued patients, you’ll witness our steadfast dedication to enhancing the policies and procedures that guide our dental practice. This commitment not only assures patients, staff, caregivers, and all those associated with our practice that we meet National Quality Standards but also underscores our ongoing efforts to monitor, evaluate, and enhance all facets of our operations.

We take pride in being part of a nationwide network of accredited dental practices that uphold QIP quality standards, ensuring exceptional patient care for each individual who walks through our doors.