Guided Implant Dentistry

What is Guided Implant Dentistry?

Due to the tremendous advances made in dental implant technology, a GUIDE specifically designed to only fit your mouth, can be created to allow for ultimate accuracy and care when positioning implants.

At Complete Smiles Vermont South, we are dedicated to our commitment in providing work that is of the highest accuracy that is precisely why we offer guided dental implants.

How is the Guide made?

It’s as simple and painless as…

  • A Digital Scanner, which is essentially a very accurate camera that DOES NOT produce radiation, is used to take a digital impression of your teeth and soft tissues.
  • This digital scan is then combined with the 3D-CT scan results used to assess your bone quality, in a computer-guided implant planning software to create your guide.
  • A 3D printer is then used to print the implant guide which is personalised to your specific mouth to produce the ultimate accuracy in dental implant placement.

Our Process

Watch our video to see how it works

The comprehensive technological innovations and tools that Complete Smiles offer for digitally guided surgery, make us a leader in implant dentistry and restoration.


Do it right. Do it once.

Is It Right For Me?

Benefits of Guided Implant Placement?

  • A higher degree of accuracy
  • Less margin for human error
  • Can use the planning software to better explain, educate and to know exactly where the implant will be placed and the shape of the tooth/teeth that will go on top
  • More predictable tooth positioning outcomes
  • Less chair time from start to finish
  • Less traumatic and invasive procedure 
  • Improved and quicker follow-up healing

Am I suitable for Guided Implant Placement?

Again, as our core values at Complete Smiles Vermont South rest on being meticulous and thorough in everything that we do, assessing your suitability for such treatment is of no difference.

Careful consideration and assessment are used to complete a full understanding of your individual circumstances and present a comprehensive treatment plan once all the information required has been gathered.

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