Helping you feel relaxed at the Dentist

Dentistry in a relaxed, empowering and non-judgemental environment.

Complete Smiles Vermont South has been delivering unparalleled personalised non-judgemental dental care to its valued patients for over 5 decades.

It has maintained being at the forefront of dental care by ensuring its foundations are built on honesty, unmatched quality, and providing unique patient service each and every day to each and every patient.

Under the guidance of its Owner and Principle Dentist, Dr John Hanna since 2016, Complete Smiles Vermont South has maintained its esteemed reputation amongst the community for its uncompromising commitment to excellence and personal care. 

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Dr Hanna’s ethos surrounding ultimate patient care revolves around 3 key principles:

  1. Ample treatment time to talk with you and understand your personal needs in a non-judgemental environment. 

  2. Provide you with ALL treatment information available to you so you can feel in control when making your decisions.

  3. Promise to always seek constant improvement and be at the forefront of Dental knowledge to ensure you are always receiving the best available care.

A great man once said, ‘the greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it’ (Hippocrates), and this is why at Complete Smiles Vermont South we greatly value ‘prevention over cure’ through patient education. Our ultimate aim for our valued patients is to work in collaboration with them to get their oral environment to a state of health, confidence and happiness, so that all they require after that is their 6 months hygiene-maintenance program.

Each of our loved patients is treated with the utmost level of professionalism, empathy and courtesy where ample time is dedicated to each patient. Each staff member of the Complete Smiles family prides themselves on their listening skills, so that we can attentively understand and respect your aspirations and needs. No two humans are the same, and that’s why we present our patients with personalised dental treatment options, that allow them to feel in control of their dental care and that will also help them attain the dental goals they desire.

We value the trust our treasured patients place in us that’s why we promise to always keep up with the ever-changing improvements in dental innovation, and to practice the most advanced, tested, minimally invasive and proven techniques.

The family at Complete Smiles has a yearning desire to please and make patients happy, that’s why we guarantee every patient walks away from our practice with a smile. We are here to meet to the desires of you and your loved ones, and if you’re looking for a dental practice that exceeds your expectations in service then come visit the team at Complete Smiles Vermont South today.

Patient Orientated

We provide each and every patient with optimum care. Our practice puts patients first.

Latest Equipment & Technologies

All of the equipment at Complete Smiles Vermont South is up-to-date and secure.

Full Range Of Dental Services

We do just about anything you can think of when it comes to teeth, give us a call to book in or find out more.


We are a practice built on our core values.

These are more than just words, it’s our promise to you.

  • Excellence – ‘the devil is in the details’ we sweat the small things to ensure you feel the difference
  • Proud – it’s reflected in our work, our standards are set very high, we take immense honour in being your dentist and want you to rave about us.
  • Honesty – you are treated like family and connect with you as a person on a personal level.
  • Non-judgemental – you will never feel judged, put down or spoken down to, we are in this together.
  • Kindness – we see you as family and as a result, treat you with kindness and respect.
  • Fun – we are very professional in our care but have fun while we do it and create an environment where you look forward to your visits.