Our Approach

At Complete Smiles Vermont South, we practice dentistry knowing that ‘one size does not fit all’.

As a result, we have invested a considerable amount of time to understand what patients want and have unlocked the key. Ultimately, each patient desires treatment that is customised to their personal needs, is non-judgemental and painless, in turn allowing them to feel good about themselves, their smile, and their health. With that aim at the forefront in everything that we do, our whole approach to dentistry is specifically designed to achieve just that through our up to date knowledge and values that last the test of time.

How do we do it? By taking one step at a time.

    • It begins by allowing you ample time to unravel the core of your dental fears, concerns, and dreams so that you never feel rushed or unheard.
    • Addressing immediate, emergency concerns if you have any.
    • A thorough new patient questionnaire specifically aimed at understanding your individual needs, overall health history, and previous dental experiences.
    • An examination process that is well designed and thorough in nature where you understand from start to end why we are doing what we do.
    • X- rays and multiple free images so you can have a better visual understanding of what is happening in your mouth.
    • And above all a manner of COMMUNICATION where care is taken to listen attentively and speaking in ways that are easy to understand and which make sense.

THE RESULT: constant feedback and gratitude from our loved patients telling us they have never had any health professional, let alone dentist, want to understand their needs as much as we do. 

Following careful understanding of all the information gathered, a personal treatment plan is created that-

    • Is a personal fit to your personal needs.
    • Has outlined all the multiple treatments available to you with considerations to both their advantages, disadvantages and costs.
    • Support is given so you 100% understand everything outlined and ALL your questions answered.
    • Complimentary second consultation if you still have any further questions and clarifications.
    • Can be achieved, managed and is considerate of your finances both now and in the future.

It is very important for you to be confident that we will never proceed to the next stage without your consent or complete understating of the options discussed.

Here we do the work that is needed in a meticulous nature, where we sweat over the small things and where the highest degree of precision is practiced to do the treatment right the first time.

It is also centred around-

    • A team approach where you always feel in control.
    • A holistic care for you as a person and not just your teeth.
    • Painless and relaxed treatment environment.

Maintenance- empowering you so you can maintain your dental health and smile for life and avoid unexpected dental challenges and emergencies.

Our Promise

Because we value the trust you put in us here is our promise to you.

    • To run on time and to the best of our ability honour your appointment time.
    • Commitment to be at the forefront of dental knowledge and techniques.
    • Always answer your questions.
    • Be consistent in who you see for your treatment.
    • Provide manageable finance options.
    • Manage your fear of the dentist by building trust, implementing pain management techniques and even holding hands if required.
    • Ongoing education so you can maintain your dental health and smile for life.