Step By Step Guide to Implant Placement


Thorough examination to assess your suitability for Dental Implants

  • Firstly examine your general medical history and medications to ensure there are no contraindications to implant placement and at all times ensure your safety and wellbeing.
  • Examine your mouth to assess your dental health and personal suitability for dental implants. Before dental implants can be provided as a valid treatment option, we need to ensure that the mouth is both decay and disease-free.
  • Physical demonstration models and technology is used to explain precisely what is involved in the implant procedure.
  • Ample time is given to answer your questions, fears, and concerns and to clarify any uncertainties. Finance options are also discussed.


Gather all necessary diagnostics results

  • A digital impression using a very accurate camera that DOES NOT produce
    radiation is used to take a replica of your mouth.
  • 3D cone beam CT scan is needed to identify your bone features (such as
    width, height, quantity and quality) and location of all the vital structures
    in your jaws that need to be avoided during implant placement.
  • If your suitable for dental implants, the 3D-CT scan will also be used to
    create a guide that is used during the surgical procedure (please see link
  • In certain situations where insufficient bone is present, a bone grafting
    procedure is needed to add more bone to support the dental implant.
    Once again if required, we will walk you step by step through this painless


Preparing and designing the placement of the Implants

  • A planning session is booked for our Dentists and the Dental Implant Company to plan exactly where the implants will be placed maximising the final result in both aesthetics and function.
  • At this stage, you will be invited back for a complimentary consultation where you can assess in a 3D representation, the positioning, and the shape of the implants and teeth. This is an essential step to help ensure you are satisfied with the final result and your input is HIGHLY welcomed and recommended.
  • Once the surgery is planned, a GUIDE specifically designed for your mouth, to ensure ultimate accuracy when placing the implants are designed and created. This Guide helps us to position the Implants precisely in their pre-planned positions. (Please see the link to Guided Implant Dentistry)


Placing the Implant/s

  • The Guide is used to create a small opening through your gum to uncover
    the bone underneath.
  • A series of drills are then used to widen the space drilled into the bone to
    allow for placement of the implant screw.
  • A metal protective cover screw is then placed over the implant site to
    facilitate healing.
  • After several months of healing and allowing the bone and implant to
    connect (osseointegration), the protective metal cover screw is removed,
    and impressions are taken to create the teeth that will be screwed into the
    dental implant on top.
  • Depending on the location of the teeth to be replaced, rest assured there
    are temporary options available to you which we discuss during your initial
    consult to provide you with teeth and aesthetics in the periods we wait for
    healing to occur.

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