Our Mission

Complete Smiles Vermont South exists to alleviate patients’ dental pain and fears. We also excel in helping our valued patients achieve their dental dreams and ultimate confidence and potential in a, trusting, non-judgmental, comfortable, painless, and professional manner. 

Here at Complete Smiles, we understand the importance teeth play in ensuring good quality of life and have mastered all things teeth. We provide comprehensive care that is modern and innovative and caters to all patients’ dental needs. We help you achieve healthy teeth for life and treat you like we care for our own family members. You’re definitely more than a number to us. 

As leaders in patient care, we exceed patient expectations in service and are understanding of each individual’s personal situation. The team at Complete Smiles will deliver you with a unique experience that will eliminate your fears and worries about visiting the dentist and have you sharing your special encounter with all your friends and family.

Our ultimate promise to you is ‘we will always be here when you need us’.

Meet the team of complete smiles

Meet Our Team

Dr John Hanna. Vermont South Dentist

Dr. John Hanna


Dr. John Hanna graduated with a Masters of Dentistry from La Trobe University, Bendigo, where he was awarded the Highest Achieving individual from his cohort. Dr. Hanna is a genuine believer in that ‘the pursuit of knowledge is never-ending and the day you stop seeking knowledge is the day you stop growing.’ As such, he is committed to enhancing his skills on a daily basis to guarantee his valued patients are receiving the most professional and up to date care. 

Dr. Hanna also practices dentistry with the notion of ‘treating others how you would like to be treated’ and as such it’s more than just dentistry for Dr. Hanna.  He takes immense pride and solid commitment in getting to know his patients on a personal level and goes above and beyond to build and gain that trust, to ensure his caring for their overall wellbeing.

Our valued patients constantly comment on how they respect and appreciate Dr. Hanna’s humble, humorous and friendly personality, and his ability to keep them comfortable, trusting, and safe is what keeps them coming back. Dr. Hanna prides himself on being a good listener and displaying genuine interest in his patients’ concerns so he can support them to find a personal solution. As a nervous patient himself, Dr. Hanna is very compassionate and empathetic towards his patients and his gentle and patient nature allows them to gain that control again.

Dr. Hanna cares for a diverse clientele and understands that no two individuals are the same. Therefore, he works closely with his patients to understand their needs and expectations and in turn customise a treatment plan that meets their requests. Dr. Hanna is well skilled in all aspects of dentistry including Preventative, Minimally-Invasive Dentistry, Implantology, Root Canal, Veneer, Crown-Bridge work, and Extractions. However, Patient Education is what Dr. Hanna portrays as being most important, as that will empower patients with the skills needed to maintain healthy teeth for life.

‘Behind every great man is a great woman’ and Dr. Hanna is happily married to his beautiful other half Mariam who he loves dearly. Dr. Hanna enjoys keeping fit and participates in a wide variety of sports, particularly soccer and tennis in his spare time, and loves the AFL and NBA.