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Dental Implant Transformation!
Goodbye dentures! Hello to a natural and stable smile!
This patient was sick of his denture which is very common. With a personalised treatment plan tailored to his needs we agreed on the addition of 6 dental implants to be placed.
The results speak for themselves, a very natural looking stable smile and a very happy patient!
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This patient came to see us because he was so fed up with his loose denture and his inability to enjoy a steak anymore…
After discussing all available options with the patient, he decided on having two solid nickel titanium implants to act as posts to support his denture.
The result, a very secure denture and a patient living his best life enjoying as many juicy steaks as his heart desires!

This patient came in to see us with a crowded smile. She was interested in Invisalign but did not want any teeth taken out.
Although it was a difficult case, with thorough planning we were able to tick off all her goals!
  • resolved crowding
  • broadened her smile
  • smiling with confidence
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This lovely patient was having tremendous trouble with her lower denture moving around. She tried every denture glue available with no luck! It affected her everyday life, feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed chewing around friends.
After running through all her options she decided on having 4 implants placed.
The result, a denture that’s even tricky for her to get out!
She’s loving her new and very secure set of teeth and she’s ready for lots of dinners out with friends now feeling confident chewing on all her favourite foods.

2 Implants and 1 Implant Crown were inserted here to give this patient a full set of chewing teeth like she’s always wanted!
Balancing out her chewing with her added teeth will allow her to enjoy all her favourite foods as well as, protect all her remaining natural teeth! Winning all round!

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**Invisible Clear Aligners**

Straighten your teeth and get your dream smile you’ve always wanted in less than 12 months like our lovely patient did here!

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Missing teeth or hate your dentures? Implants may be the perfect solution for you :tooth:. Did you know we have an in house 3D cone-beam machine. What is that you ask? It’s what allows us to inspect and measure your bone in 3D to assess whether your are a suitable candidate for implants immediately and on the spot. Having the CBCT machine conveniently located in-house, saves you time, money, travel and multiple visits. You can get all the process done with us from A-Z under the one roof.

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Another successful Invisalign result! Perfect smile if we say so ourselves 😁 And with the way our lovely patient was smiling it’s safe to say she agreed! 😁
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Make 2023 the year you achieve your smile goals! 🤩
Straighten your smile in a matter of months with Invisalign! 😁
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A combination of 2 types of treatments were used here to achieve this patients desired smile!
Implant crowns were placed to allow her to finally be able to chew evenly and comfortably on both sides! 🍎
Invisalign was completed to rectify her deep bite and show more of her own beautiful teeth when she smiled 😃
Overall outcome, a straight and fuller smile, with more chompers for chewing 😆

Happy birthday to me! 🥳
This beautiful patient gifted herself a much-deserved smile makeover on the day of her birthday!
She hated her denture for years, and finally decided to do something about it! 👏🏻
4 implants and custom crowns were inserted to give her a more natural and fuller smile like she always wanted. Giving her back control of her quality of life.
Let the birthday celebrations begin! 🥳🎊🍾🎉

This lovely patient came in keen to fix her smile after years of wear, tear and staining affecting her fillings. She was quite anxious about the whole process and the journey ahead.
We were able to calm her nerves with our meticulous step by step approach, which put her in control 💪🏻

This process also allowed her to
– be involved in the designing
– visualise her new smile in 3D simulation
– even try and feel the final result using a mock up

All this happened commitment free!
This personalised process ensured she had the smile SHE always wanted and she couldn’t be happier! 🥳

Achieving your dream smile dosent have to be daunting, it should be fun!

Invisalign transformation in just 13 weeks!!!!!
Now that’s something to smile about! 😀

This lovely patient came in just in time before she celebrated her wedding day!
She presented with a narrow and crowded smile with a slight cross bite.
In just 13 weeks we managed to widen, straighten her smile and eliminate her cross bite completely!

We are so happy we could help her feel amazing about her smile on her special day! 👰‍♀️😊

Straighten your teeth with clear, barely detectable Invisalign aligners.
In just under 12 months you could have that perfect straight smile you’ve always wanted!
Following the completion of her Invisalign journey, this patient’s feedback to us is that she had never received more compliments about her smile 🥳 #winning!
That’s the biggest compliment we can get!! We couldn’t be happier for her! 😃

Another Smile Transformation!! 🤩🤩🤩

This patient hated her previous smile because of her old failing bridges and worn down teeth leaving her with an uneven, gappy and discoloured smile 😩

Her goal was to achieve a fuller, and more natural looking brighter smile.
With our individualised tailored plan for her consisting of a combination of bridges, veneers and crowns, we did just that! 👊🏼✅

Another great Invisalign transformation. In under 12 months, this patient achieved her goals of wanting to
– rectify her crowding
– resolve her deep bite
– show more of her natural beautiful teeth when she smiles

Safe to say she is extremely happy with her new smile, and we are super proud to have ✅✅✅ off all her goals! 😁🦷🪥

Scared of the dentist? You’re not alone!

This lovely patient had a terrible experience when she had her implant placed 10 years ago, then was too afraid to return to have the crown placed 😬

Then she found us 😌

We managed to track down her implant type, source out the required parts, and over 2 simple painless visits we made and placed her a natural looking crown. Her temporary plate that she hated is now in the bin and she hasn’t stopped smiling 😀

Come in and see us for a truly unique and personalised experience, that will leave you walking out the door smiling – not running 🏃‍♂️😂

This wonderful patient came to us with issues keeping his dentures in place.
He struggled to eat, talk and laugh confidently around his friends without it moving around.
If this sounds like a concern you have, you may be a candidate for an Implant retained denture.
By placing 4 implants along the lower jaw, we took the stress out of it.
Implant retained dentures are dentures that are secured onto 2 or more permanent dental implants in your gums.
Similar to a full denture, it’s removable. Instead of relying on suction to stay in place, it clips on and off special attachments that connect to dental implants.
Dental implants can offer reliable stability and retention for anchoring a removable denture.
Wondering if this is an option for you? Touch base with our team today.

Sleek, compact and discreet.

Using Invisalign treatment, we made this journey an easy one. No metal braces, no wires and most importantly, non invasive! In under 6 months, this patients cosmetic
concerns disappeared.
Ready to find out how we can help transform your smile? Book in a complimentary smile consultation today.

With in-chair whitening and porcelain crowns along the upper teeth, we have managed a complete smile makeover.
Using our modern digital scanners, we were able to give our wonderful patient an idea of what his new smile would look like before the whole process even began.
After tweaking a few things and precisely achieving his ideal outcome, we came up with this final product.
What a result!

Our lovely patient was always embarrassed to smile and now he can’t stop.
Coming into the festive season, this patient can confidently smile and laugh with his loved ones without a worry.
Our team and Dental Laboratory worked collaboratively with this patient to find the perfect shade and shape to ensure the finished product was impressive but still natural.
Using state of the art digital scanners, we were able to make a 3D image of what this patient could expect; he was then able to make changes and visualize exactly what it would look like, prior to commencing. A full smile makeover is an in-depth process for the team, but quite simple for you. With results like these, it’s absolutely worth it.

With events and social outings back in full swing, our lovely patient wanted a post lockdown freshen up!
We offer both in chair whitening and take home trays to maintain this kind of smile at home.
Have a wedding that’s been rescheduled 5 times? How about a delayed birthday celebration?

This lovely patient was concerned with his uneven and crowded smile.
After discussing his history, concerns and desired outcome with our team at Complete Smiles, we showed this patient what results he could achieve from undergoing Invisalign treatment.
With its ease, inconspicuous appearance and ability to be removed, so many are opting for Invisalign over traditional orthodontics.
Our team at Complete Smiles can non-invasively scan your teeth and create a set of customized aligners that will slowly adjust your teeth to the optimal position.

Dental implants allow our patients to smile with confidence. With their longevity, strength and ability to blend flawlessly – nobody will ever know you are missing a tooth.

Whether it’s being able to eat properly again or even smile in front of your friends and family, missing a tooth is not something you just have to live with anymore.

A dental implant is a permanent option for a missing tooth.
This is a titanium screw which is placed in the jaw where a gap is present and is held in place by healthy bone. Once the screw is placed during a simple surgery it needs to heal for a few months before the next stage is completed. This involves placing a dental crown on top of the implant so it blends in seamlessly to your smile.

After only a few visits to Complete Smiles, this patient is finally smiling with confidence!
6 porcelain crowns were used to achieve this smile makeover.
Would you like to know more about this process? Call our team today or book online for a smile consultation.

This lovely patient couldn’t wait to get her smile back and finally say goodbye to wearing a plate.
Unfortunately, she was forced to lose her left central tooth when she had a basketball accident whilst playing with her son. This patient chose a more permanent option being a Dental Implant.

Can you spot which tooth has the dental implant? Have a look at our second picture for a clue to see if you’re correct!

Here we have a combination of 2 crowns and whitening to treat for both wear and discolouration.
The result, a brighter and fuller smile for a patient that was hesitant to smile for years.
This brings us joy to know that we could help improve both their smile and confidence 😃

Hate that gap in your teeth? OR don’t like wearing a denture? We can help!

Come and see us for a FREE consultation for dental implants. Our patient is thrilled with the final result and so are we! 😊

Can you guess what was done here?
This patient was sick of wearing his denture and had been unhappy and not as confident for many years with the gaps in his teeth.

Gaining all this info in our in-depth FREE consultation we explored the best options and personalised a plan that suited our patient. This included a combination of Invisalign, dental implants and bridges which gave our patient a complete smile makeover!

The result- A perfect smile as promised and one satisfied patient who can finally throw his annoying denture away.

Did you know that some adults can still retain their baby teeth? This can sometimes be a pain chewing and enjoying your food. If you think that’s your case, then we are here to help!

Here we replaced our lovely patients 2 failing baby teeth and strengthened her smile and confidence with the addition of dental crowns and implants. One of our favourite cases!

Team work makes the dream work! 💪🏻💪🏻
Here we worked with our beautiful patient to create her ultimate goal, which was to achieve a whiter, broader and natural smile! 😁
With a personalised plan that she was involved in from start to end, these 10 porcelain veneers gave her the result she dreamed of! 👏🏻🙌🏻

Another Smile Makeover with crowns and veneers. We are so happy to match our beautiful patients’ kindness with a wonderful smile 😁❤️

Another smile makeover at Complete Smiles! It makes us so happy to be able to give you the smile you deserve 🙏🏼

Implant case time!!! 🦷🦷🦷
This patient came to see us with failing molar chewing teeth, as well as gaps already existing. As a result, he had great difficulty chewing, creating immense frustration and reducing his ability to enjoy all of his favourite foods!
Following a thorough assessment of his mouth and discussing all possible options, a personalised plan involving implants were selected.
He came in and had his upper 2 implant crowns inserted, following implant placement 3 months ago and we are also placing another 2 implants in his lower jaw through a guide.

What is an implant guide?
An implant surgical guide is essentially a hard acrylic mouthguard that sits over the adjacent teeth during the placement of implants. It has a sleeve opening in it that allows the implants to be placed in a very specific, pre-planned position ensuring optimal accuracy.

The result, perfectly placed implants to get you eating all your favourite foods again and enjoying life to the fullest!