At Complete Smiles, we focus on the importance of preventive dentistry. Many patients often miss their regular six-monthly appointments, despite the fact that preventive care is the best way to keep your mouth and body healthy.

With routine visits to Complete Smiles in Vermont South, you can keep your mouth healthy, and ensure that you’re free of common oral health problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. Below, we’ll discuss just a few reasons why routine dental visits are so important.

Routine Visits Help Identify Oral Health Issues Early
The biggest benefit of a routine dental visit is to allow our dentists and team of oral health therapists to keep track of your oral health, and be on the lookout for potential issues like cavities, or signs of gum disease early.
In addition, routine visits to the dentist can help identify other oral and whole-body health issues. Oral cancer, for example, is often first identified by dentists thanks to routine oral cancer exams, and the health of your mouth could also indicate that there may be other serious health issues like diabetes.

A Routine Dental Visit Can Save You Time and Money
Routine dental visits are quite quick and overall inexpensive, making them the best investment you can make in your oral care. Without regular routine dental visits, your risk for cavities and other oral health issues rises.
It’s much more costly to treat these oral health issues after they occur, compared to simply preventing them with an examination and professional cleaning.

Cleanings and Exams Encourage Better Overall Oral Health
You and your entire family can benefit from better overall oral health, thanks to regular visits to our Vermont South clinic.

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